Ichigo Dorayaki

Ingredients (serves 5)

  • - Kotobuki Azuki Dorayaki

    available at Suzuran
  • - Whipped cream

  • - 1 pack of strawberries

  • - Morinaga Ogura An (bean jam - optional but strongly recommended)

    available at Suzuran

available at Suzuran

available at Suzuran


  1. 1. Halve strawberry each.
  2. 2. Put halved strawberries in the drayaki (or just put them around/onto dorayaki).
  3. 3. Add whipped cream.


There is no rule of the amount of whip cream (but not too much) as it works very well with Japanese bean jam! With green tea is an ideal but with coffee is the ultimate killer! You can add more bean jam (Ogura an) if you want.